We are getting ready for an amazing workshop with you and other excited photographers, but first we need you to tick some boxes and answer a few questions. If you have a balance for a workshop (including a single accommodation request), you will be sent a reminder with a link to the invoice approximately five, four, and three months prior to the beginning of the workshop. We know things come up and these are simply reminders that all fees are due 90 days before the first day of each workshop. For additional information, refer to the Terms and Conditions. Please answer all questions below with an asterisk (*). Thank you for signing up and we can't wait to meet you!

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Workshop With A Friend!
Workshop With A Friend!
Most workshops include a double occupancy with someone of the same gender. If you have a friend taking the same workshop and would like to share a room with them, please list their first and last name.
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If you prefer a single accommodation, they can be requested at an additional cost depending on each individual workshop. Please choose if you prefer an individual accommodation:
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YES! Please go to Equipment Guide.

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