Explore beautiful landscapes under the most amazing night skies. Create memories, find new friendships, and become a photographer that can see the light. 


A photography workshop shouldn't just be about going to a beautiful place and bringing your camera, but about learning how to see light, building on the fundamentals, and becoming an even better photographic artist. Each and every workshop will stretch you creatively, and help you pre-visualize your composition. The experience of teaching through positive critique and explaining the process of finding the best light to create your unique imagery is an individual process that few photographers give students today, but this is exactly why each workshop is no more than 8 students to an instructor. Your growth is the top priority and the reason why each workshop exists, for you to become an artist. This is a beginning to end tour experience from capture, to post, to print, and you will be guided on learning the best ways to make your vision come to life.  If you are looking for more than a vacation and you need and deserve to be challenged to grow as an artist, then a workshop in any of the beautiful national parks is the perfect choice to continue your creative journey.

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The National Parks have set expectations on no additive light, low level lighting, nor light painting for night photography and this has always been a rule in every national park, but it was consistently overlooked by many photographers creating night time imagery. Respecting the very places we love to visit, love to create art of, and decreasing the impact we have on these areas matters more to me than using artificial lighting in future national park based workshops. As such, I've decided that every future workshop in any national park will be geared towards natural lighting only set ups. Simply, it's the best thing for every person wanting to enjoy the incredible night skies in our national parks if there is no additional light pollution. This is for the good of the wildlife that we are conserving with The National Parks, the future viability and access to these majestic areas, and for the future adventurers wanting to experience our night skies. Lastly, lighting can be compensated for with technique and timing which when educated on will lead enthusiasts and professionals alike to be better photographers and artist.