Time-lapse Workshops and The Solar Eclipse

This is going to be incredibly quick BUT it's a big deal. This August's Solar Eclipse will be transversing across Grand Teton National Park!!! O. M. G. It is going to be spectacular and you'll have one of my favorite/ the most amazing landscapes to capture at the exact same time. I will be with Ron Risman, one of the best time lapse photographers in the USA co-instructing for a week while students from around the world will work with us to capture one of the most amazing things anyone will ever see in their entire lives. Where are you going to be? With us for an entire week of hands on learning? Photographing with friends somewhere else? Either way, go somewhere you can see this eclipse because the best time is always right now... definitely not in a few years. 

Here's the info:

Join myself and award winning cinematographer Ron Risman for a 5-Day, 6-Night Grand Teton Photography & Dark-Sky Timelapse Workshop from August 18-24! This workshop takes place during a new moon (amazing dark skies) and we'll be there to capture the TOTAL Solar Eclipse on August 21st. This is the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. since 1978, and there's no better place to view it than the area around Jackson, WY.


Checkout using this special discount code "JTB200" and save $200 on registration for the workshop. 

Milky Way of Grand Teton National Park