How To Not Become A Photographer

I started my businesses more than a year ago, and it's gone slow. More due to my sometimes perpetual worrying than anything else, and that's more or less why I'm putting out this blog post.

So, you have all this drive and energy to do something that you absolutely love, and you immediately realize that being a business was maybe more than you intended in the first place. It's how I've felt and I'm sure a number of new entrepreneurs have felt that pang of fear with taking on work that is mostly just getting the ball rolling. I basically stopped photographing for a time because I had started a businesses. Funny, right? I put all this effort and thought into this and I basically shrink down and nit pick every little thing so nothing I want to do or need to do gets accomplished. It's appalling how my thought process can run amuck when all you need to focus on is the most immediate next step. 

I'm ok with being a slow poke for a few moments, but this just isn't me and I'm making my choices and instituting the drive with the direction I know I need to go. You don't become a photographer to not create, you become a photographer because you see something beautiful and you want to share. That passion for many people, including me, has led me on some of my most worthwhile adventures and I only crave more. You do photography because like life, light is fleeting and you can capture the moment when the people and places you have in front of you are at their most engaging and beautiful. It's like the universe is giving you a split second to understand the wonder without asking the question,

What I'm doing is starting a new adventure with this in mind! I'll be heading through to some of the most amazing placed in the western USA starting in February with Death Valley National Park. I'll be also taking trips to Yellowstone National Park, Tetons National Park, Arches National Park, The Grand Canyon, and Big Bend National Park. With all that running around I'll still be making photos where ever I go and I hope you will lend me your support by coming back to my blog to view some of the photos I take and to here the stories over the next year! See you soon!!